by Antabus

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released December 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Antabus Imatra, Finland

Founded in 2012 in Imatra, Finland, Antabus plays traditional thrash metal in very Finnish style.

So far, so Antabus!

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Track Name: Lawbreaker
Here I am once again
Living in the slow lane
So slow, it gets me insane

Hastiness is now away
I have no plans for today
Rush is for the other people

This is a trip to unknown
To a well guarded danger zone
Were I’ll have to cope on my own

It will be such a bliss
If I ever survive this
I’ll have something to reminisce

I have seen the prophecy, lines will vanish before me
Lights in remoteness flicker red and green
Now it seems like these sights were just fantasies

Come clean, you lawbreaker!

Henchmen of the government
Victimizing the citicens
Guilty until proven innocent

If you’re having too much fun
Or your forms are undone
Face the heat of the stun-gun

Supreme commander dictates
Rubber glove treatment awaits
Lengthy hairdo is a mistake

Speak only when spoken to
Do not even say thank you
Or you will not pass through


Distressed fillers
Of customs declaration
Show your passport for the
Stale man behind the counter

No survivors
From transillumination
Too bad we cannot import
Liqueur from the other side
Track Name: Icon of Social Status
Tormented by the sounds and lights
Spewing forth from this device
It's raping my ears and screwing up my mind

It wakes me up in the morning
and it tracks my every move
It tells me what in my diet I can improve

Have to get some privacy
For the sake of my sanity
You will have my permission
To stop this inquisition!

Notifications pour down
like rain on a wedding day
If I don't answer in time, they'll think I'm dead!

Why don't they just leave me alone
I have enough problems of my own
I should have left this bitchass phone at home!


As I said, I don't need another apparatus
Another icon of my social status
Once upon a time I could walk the streets alone
And use the booth if I needed a telephone